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Jeez, I love this story sfm. I want more, more, more! Never stop writing! Haha -- Thank you!

I am really enjoying this story...please keep writing...Thank you!

I’m really enjoying your story. These two are so sweet as new dads! Telling funny stories about themselves as a way to bond with the baby while Kris is recovering in the hospital is so endearing. But I think Adam wins in terms of traumatic parent encounters. Kris being caught with his mouth full, although I’m sure was mortifying, it was quick and relatively painless… unlike Adam’s days of stress and anxiety. =) I hope you keep adding to their story.

Very sweet chapter! They are good dads!

This chapter was full of the funny. lol! OH and I love this line:

"Baby.” Kris laughed lightly needing his hand into Adam's hair. “I've licked jelly from your belly button. I don't think there much we have to hide from each other now.”

Great line bb! The images this produces are wonderful! :)

Please continue soon!

Great flashbacks, meeting the parents is weird no matter the circumstances.

Awesome chapter! Love this story.

Poor Kris. XDD
I don't know how I'd react if I was Leila.

I LOVE when they call each other ‘baby’, it is the cutest thing EVER!
“I will email Perez Hilton that video of you trying to kick the football if you say one more word.” Kris warned.---HAHAHA ID PAY TO SEE THAT!

“Oh you boys don't mind sharing a room do you?” Kris's mothers words caused Adam to look over his shoulder with a frightened look on his face. “Adam honey you ok?” Mrs Allen asked with concern. “You look like your going to be sick.”----I LOL’s, idk why but I did HAHAHA!
“I love him Mama.” Kris managed to choke out before throwing himself into his mothers arms. The sound of his fathers footsteps stomping out of the front door and Adam's hands gently rubbing over his back only caused him to cry harder.----you did it AGAIN, making me cry AGAIN!
“Oh honey.” Mrs Allen laughing making her way towards Adam pulling him into her arms. “You love my baby boy?” She pulled away holding Adam's face in her hands.“With everything I own.” Adam answered honestly.“My next phone call with your mother is going to be a long one.” Mrs Allen laughed again pulling both boys into her arms. -----AWWW I LOVE how supportive his mommy is!
Im a huge fan of your work and this fic..like wow! I effing LOVE the flashbacks!!!


"And you don't think getting caught with my mouth full wasn't embarrassing for me?"

It was now Adam's turn to sirk. "Mouth full being the right description baby."

I absolutely LOVED that flashback.
And the little conversation after it.

Love the story so far, bb. Keep up the good work! <3

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